Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Ring in the New year with charity!  Moroni 7:45, 47-48!
I love the children's book, "You Are Special" by Max Lucado.  Since I am on a quest to learn about and live the principle of self-love, I realize I do not need gold stars or blue dots to determine my value.  I am ALREADY of infinite worth and God loves me!!
As I dig weeds, for greens to feed the pigs and chickens, I compare myself to a neighbor who comes out into her yard each day to "clean" it, but she's dressed in nice clothes, has her make up on and her hair fixed!  I've attached gold stars to her and blue dots to myself!
Thinking of the Savior during His mortal life, He wore simple clothes, he probably didn't have very many.  He did NOT attach gold stars or blue dots for apparel.  He simply LOVED and accepted himself and every other person.
Do I give too much value to my apparel?  Does my apparel change my worth?  Does the amount of money I spend on my clothes increase my worth?  In Alma 4:6, the people grow in pride and wear "very costly" apparel.  Am I basing my feelings of self-love and self acceptance on the clothes I wear?
How about my motives for wanting to wear "costly" apparel?  Take my garden gloves for example.  These gloves cost $17.00/pair and last me about 6 months.  I love my gloves!  They are heavy duty, protecting my hands while allowing me to do my work.  I do not wear them to "display" my wealth or to be "superior" to someone else.  My gloves are a tool that helps me get my job done easier, happier.
Can I apply that intent and principle in viewing myself and others "apparel"?  To exhibit charity to myself and all others regardless of outward appearance?
The Lord Himself adorns His world with infinite beauty!  He is in EVERY thing!  Where ever I am, God is!  I am full of His glory, light and truth, just like EACH other person!  God is so good to me!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Joy in Pain

 Saturday, June 29, 2013
I work in the family garden area, first thing this morning.  It's hot.  Salty sweat stings as it drips into my eyes.  The bamboo shade offers occasional relief.  My heart surges with hope and satisfaction as my weeding efforts restore order and beauty to the walking paths and the planted rows.  Even as I see and kill many squash bugs on the cucumber vines, I proclaim, "they that be with me are MORE than be with you!" And "the Lord rebukes the devourer for my sake!"  Add photo here.
Though I experienced discomfort, I simultaneously experienced the exhilaration of victory!  A job well done!
During the afternoon, I am inside, peeling and preparing tomatoes for canning.  Our harvest is abundant and we are utilizing it for future use.  I experience more heat, this time from the stove and the boiling water, during the processing.  More work, more discomfort, but the over riding effect is exhilaration!  I love the finished product! Add photo here.
How is it possible to feel joy while in pain?  Would I stop the natural law which allows me to have joy as I do something hard and right?  This is a fascinating principle!
When the Great Mediator paid the law of justice, for the imperfect choices made by all men, He did so with tender mercy, in pain-filled agony, perfect empathy, and pure love.  And eternal JOY!

Joy in pain.  There is infinite joy, always available, especially in hard times.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Do I REALLY want to be a Farmer?

     Bryce and I are being mentored by Antoinette Montandon.  She asked us to clarify our vision, to set short and long term Farm goals, and be familiar with the pattern of creation.
     In our first joint discussion, Bryce verbalized these questions, pleading that we be VERY CLEAR on the answers:
     1-Do we really want to be Farmers?
     2-What are our reasons for being Farmers?
     3-When I wake up in the morning, do I WANT to be a Farmer, or something else?
     4-Am I willing to give the effort needed to BE a Farmer?
     5-Is being a Farmer the way I want to serve?

    I REALLY want to please God! 
And so, the reasons I REALLY want to utilize our gifts of Providence is to 
Nurture Families, especially mine(all people are part of God's Family),
Embrace American Freedom,
Promote Vibrant Health, in myself and others,
Be Self Reliant and involved with Community Interdependence,
Sustain a balance with Nature.

     When I wake up in the morning, I repeat the words:
     I'm HAPPY!
     To be God's beloved Daughter, His Masterpiece of infinite worth!

     During the events of any given day, there is SOME work to do on the Farm.  Even when I am tired or hot or uncomfortable, or pressed with other stewardships, and especially if I think I want to be doing something else, I spend time tending the Farm.  Can I still be happy if I'm having such a hard time doing the Farm work?  Even when Bryce and I are struggling to be united, struggling to be accepting of each other's imperfect and incomplete efforts?  YES!!  Will God rob me of this invaluable experience because I don't like it sometimes? NO!
     Most days I fall into bed exhausted!  I wish things were easier, that someone else was doing all this leg work, this mind work, but I REALLY love who I am becoming through this refining!

     Yes, I really want to be a Farmer, because, here is where I am pleasing God.  I am happy in this.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Farmers Market June 27, 2013

Joshua and I loved serving our regular customers and meeting new friends.  We LOVE sharing delicious, fresh-picked, seasonal, better-than-organic veggies to promote their health!
One person, who had the deepest impact on me yesterday, was a woman who spoke only to Joshua.  I was paying attention to someone else at the same moment.  She told Joshua that she wouldn't buy anything from us and wouldn't believe that we grow the food organically.  She said she had a friend who visited our farm and claimed we were spraying "round up" on the plants.
Joshua pronounced that there is NO round up on our property and we NEVER use it!!
OH!  I wish I could have explained!
We use a sprayer with the words "Round Up" printed on the side, since that is the company that manufactured that product.  What I was spraying on the plants was a good dose of SEA KELP, as a foliar  feed.  When the friends stopped by and saw me, I explained that.  Then I paused my work and took the couple on a short farm tour.  I wish they would have addressed their concern directly with me, instead of jumping to a false conclusion.  I would have GLADLY opened the sprayer and let them smell the rich earthly aroma of the sea kelp, sold to us by another local farmer, Leslie Doyle, Then the truth would be known.
Oh!  How I ache that someone would think we are not living true to our word!  How how I wish they appreciated how hard we work, how much I long for a weed free farm!!  (If the visitor-friends were truly observant, they would see how many weeds are here!  If we used round up, those weeds wouldn't be here!).  but alas! We are 4 and there is work for 40!    I thank the angels who offer assistance and support, instead of mis-informed judgment!  Meadow Valley Farm can use LOTS the loving help!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 26, 2013 "My Story" begins

Lyndy-lightful lessons on the Farm
God is growing me!

Today the newly harvested onions spoke to me:  "My onion body was nurtured securely in Mother Earth, while I stretched up my green leaves prayerfully to Father Sun.  I need BOTH parents.  But now, out of the ground, apart from the soil, and hidden in the shade, I await my once vibrant and lush leaves to wither, shrink and fall off, like a baby's umbilical cord.  This separation from my Creator enables me to fulfill the purpose of my creation.  To be used as delicious food!  If properly stored, I have the capability to last for many weeks!"

  As I went into the enclosed yard of our young chickens, to feed them some fresh-picked lettuce greens, they scattered in fear. I verbalized the thought that was hanging in the air. "Are you really afraid of me?  Come here sweet friends, come and eat.  You know me, I'm the one who brings you the food which you need.  And you want the food!  Is that how I am with The Lord?  I go close enough for the "food" He offers me, but nothing else?  Why don't you chickens come TO me and find out if there's something MORE?  I could take you to many areas in the garden so you can feast on bugs.  You would love that!  Your natural pest control desires would serve the Farm so much better!  It's like me going to The Lord and asking what He wants or needs from me or what He wants to teach me or blessings He has for me.  I can even say THANK YOU!"

I patiently prepare the soil for new crops.  The weeds are thick with tangled roots.  The carrots are old and over grown, even going to seed.  The sunflowers are 7 and 8 feet high!  They look like giant guardians of the garden.  God patiently prepares me for the abundant newness He plans to plant inside me.  I wish my outside work was done.  I wish there wasn't so much of it!  I wish it was easier!    I love who and what I am becoming as I submit to God's garden working it's growth miracle within me.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Peaceful Full Moon rises over Meadow Valley Farm, to welcome in a New Year!

On the left of photo, our hoop house planted with veggies for the Winter season baskets. On the right,veggie field with protective row cover blanketing the plants from the frosty-cold and the birds.

Inside the hoop house, the center rows are prepped for new planting of broccoli, cabbage, carrots, spinach, beets, swiss chard, lettuce.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hosanna for our HOOP HOUSE!!

HOORAY!!! We are so excited that our hoop house is operational! Thanks to the engineering efforts of Bryce and hard work of the whole family, it is all set! YEAH!
Notice the veggies already growing! These are for the Winter Season.
We love fresh grown, healthy food!
We love our Shareholder-Family-Friends!
We love our American Freedom!
We are THANKFUL for these many blessings!

October 24, 2009--Fall Harvest Celebration

Our Fall Harvest and Grand Opening Celebration included the delightful music of Zila Johnson.

Shareholders: Janelle and Kyle Wilcox

Our Moapa Shareholders: Rachel Wright(sitting), daughter, Shari Lyman and grandson, Odin

The O'Meara Family

Diana Lalor, sitting on the hale bales around the corn roasting fire pit.
We enjoyed a delicious menu of potluck food and fresh-picked, fresh-roasted corn. The weather was great and the friendshipping was even better. All around fun at the farm evening!